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Breakup Tours

Breakup Tours, 為失戀客人舉辦旅行團,希望他們可以從中放下失戀的傷痛。

宣傳期間,於社交媒體Facebook及Instagram上,我們以不同形式推廣Breakup Tours,當中包括「關心一線」的WhatsApp關懷服務、以「失戀係…」為題的專訪,以及Dear Jane相見不相見音樂會等等。突破傳統旅行團的宣傳籌劃,不但引起傳媒關注及迴響,本來預計8人起行的東京失戀旅行團,結果有逾600人報名。

“Breakup Tours” aimed to help those who broke up to relieve the pain by going on a BreakUp Tour. WhatsApp Message Caring Service, “What is Break Up?” interview and Dear Jane Music concert are to promote Breakup Tours during registration period.The Innovative promotion campaign were under the spotlight of the internet and, unexpectedly, more than 600 people signed up for an expected 8-people Breakup tour to Tokyo.