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Rebrand for Michael Tien

立法會議員田北辰作為兩屆「雙料議員」,曾擔任多項公職,擁有豐富從政及管理經驗。為了吸引更多網民關注其政策倡議及最新動態,並跳出專業形象加強與網民互動,我們為他在 Facebook 專頁上,就不同政策議題製作及發佈資訊圖及短片,亦就網上熱門話題發揮創意,成功獲得大量網民支持及傳媒報道。近期亦為田議員建立並管理Instagram帳戶,開始發佈生活照片及製作Story,拉近與年輕市民的距離。

Being one of the members in the Legislative Council and District Council from 2012, Michael Tien Puk-sun is a seasoned politician and businessman.
Citizens could know more about Mr. Tien’s efforts in the councils with the infographics and videos posted on the Facebook page. Creative Facebook feeds by Mr. Tien have been hot topics on the Internet. The other side of Mr. Tien’s life were also shown in his Instagram photos and stories.
U Made This? redesigned the visual direction of the Facebook page of the legislator to highlight the message of each feed and to reinforce Mr. Tien’s image of being a connecter of the society.