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The Next Influencers

The Next Influencers 與香港機場管理局合作,舉辦「The Next Influencers 數碼傳訊創作計劃」影片創作比賽,鼓勵學生發揮創意,並從中了解數碼傳訊的重要性。 為了令同學更了解創作計劃,我們於比賽開放報名期間,於The Next Influencer Facebook 專頁上分享計劃細節及香港機場的冷知識。

“The Next Influencers” Creative Video Competition, organized by Hong Kong Airport Authority, aimed to promote digital communication among adolescents. Details of the competition and interesting facts about Hong Kong International Airport were posted on Facebook page to arouse interest during event registration.