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REFRACT 以全球在地化的角度、型格次文化的風格,分享流行文化中各種有趣文化現象、品牌故事及生活趣聞。REFRACT 於2017年創立至今,漸已成為網民了解各地次文化的重要渠道。 REFRACT 亦曾以軟性廣告方式,分享不同主流品牌的產品,例如以「聽歌時耳機線打Kick,可以點算?」為題吸引讀者注意,向他們推介Bose 的可穿戴式揚聲器。

REFRACT, established in 2017, shares subcultural phenomena, interesting brand stories and internet hot topics from a glocal angle. REFRACT Facebook page has been a platform for many youngsters knowing more about brands and gadgets they love. REFRACT have been invited to share the user experiences of newly launched products, for example Bose SoundWear Companion, by embedded marketing.