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SHKP School Talks


學校講座以外,我們協助舉行於apm的新閱會閱讀講座 「筆紙作家:我是一位Slasher!」,負責整個講座的圖像設計,網上宣傳及場地安排。


To encourage Hongkongers, especially the kids and teenagers, to read more in daily life, SHKP Reading Club was established by Sun Hung Kai Properties in 2013. More than 140 schools participated in events by SHKP Reading Club.
We held SHKP Reading Club “Read and Share” Talks for more than 30 secondary schools in 2018/19. Promotion materials, including roll-up banners and photo props, were designed in brush painting style to arouse students’ interest.

Beyond the campus,  “Read and Share” Talk was held at apm. 3 Hong Kong slashers were invited to share how reading and writing were connected in the era of web 3.0 . We helped with the graphic design direction, online promotion and venue arrangement of the talk.